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  • Advanced Loop Detector CH1 - PD160 Parking Detector
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  • Advanced Loop Detector CH1 - PD160 Parking Detector

PD160 (Advanced Single Channel Loop Detector)

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Product Description

PD160 – Single Channel Detector

The prestigious PD160 range provides a totally customizable inductive loop solution primarily suited to complex multilane access control. The ease of installation of this product is not only cost effective but a pleasure to operate when determining the optimal parameters with the onboard diagnostics. Nortech is proud to introduce the ultimate parking detector, where sophistication is simplified. 


  • Parking barrier control.
  • Arming control.
  • Motorised gates and doors.
  • Industrial control systems.

Specific Features

  • AFS: The Automatic Frequency Selection allows the ability to automatically select the best frequency setting by minimising the noise and maximise the signal strength.
  • Diagnostic Capabilities: Comprehensive built in diagnostics capabilities allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems. All the relevant information is displayed on the LCD. The following parameters can be diagnosed: Frequency, Inductance Change, Noise / Interference and Signal Strength. Channel counting information is also available.
  • Completely Configurable: The LCD menu provides customizable functionality in the choice of output variations, frequency and sensitivity settings. Any change in settings is saved in the event of a loss of power, however factory settings can be restored through the menu. A reset of the unit is available from the menu or by a power-cycle.
  • Selectable Permanent Presence: The output of the presence relay can be selected to maintain an output for an indefinite period, eliminating premature barrier / gate / door closure. The default setting is Permanent Presence.
  • Loop Isolation Protection: The loop is isolated and provides protection against lightning and transient damage and allows for operation with single point to ground sensor loops. Added filtering reduces interference from external noise.
  • Loop Frequency Indication: Interference between adjacent loops / detectors can be determined by an integral indication, and eliminated by changing the frequency settings.
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB): Facilitates the reliable detection of all vehicle combinations and high-bed vehicles by boosting the sensitivity to maximum after detection of a vehicle.
  • Detect Filter: Provides a turn-on delay, thus allowing selective detection which is often useful for screening out unwanted inputs.
  • PowerFail Memory: In the event of a power failure, the PD160 detector will retain the presence of the vehicle when power is restored. This is most useful in applications where damage to vehicles could occur ( e.g. Rising Bollards).

Typical Application


Technical Data

Specification Sheet:
Self-Tuning Range :
20µH to 1500µH
Fifteen step adjustable on the LCD menu:
Ranging from 0.01% ΔL/L to 5% ΔL/L
ASB (Automatic Sensitivity Boost) selectable

Eight step adjustable on LCD menu
12 – 80 kHz (Frequency determined by loop geometry)
Output Configuration:
2 output relays (3rd output optional)
Rated: 2A @ 30 VAC
Default Setting:
Relay 1 – Presence
Relay 2 – Pulse on detect
Completely customisable outputs for:
Presence on detect OR fault
Pulse on detect OR un-detect

Filter (Pulse Delay):
Eight step selectable output filter
Ranging from 100ms to 10seconds. Default setting is OFF
Pulse Output Duration:
Eight step selectable on the LCD menu
Ranging from 50ms to 2seconds. Default set to 150ms
Presence Time:
Permanent or Limited to approximately 1 hour for a 1% ∆L/L

Power Fail Memory:
Selectable – Infinite (refer to user manual)
Operating Modes:
Permanent Presence or Limited Presence
All diagnostic information accessible through the LCD Menu
Additional LED’s provided for power and channel status display

Protection :
Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop input, gas discharge tube.
12 to 24 V ±10% (AC/DC)
120V ±10% AC
230V ±10% AC

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